Welcome to Cashmere Bay

For some of us Cashmere Bay is a significant place in our particular branch of the family tree. For others, its a very picturesque bay at the bottom of Iveagh Bay, Lake Brunner.

The family tree on the following page contains lots of information that some may consider to be personal and valuable.

We can assure you that every single piece of information is freely available in the public domain already. THAT is where we have sourced all of this stuff from ourselves.

Whilst we have taken every effort to ensure the veracity of information, we cant absolutely guarantee that it is all 100% accurate, but we are pretty confident that it is!

The TREE has grown significantly and the following families are represented across it include:

Ackroyd, Abbott, Colville, Colbert, Hill, Hutt, Hunt, Gregory-Hunt, Jones, Kemp, Meehan, Perrin, stoke, Woolhouse, etc etc

If you are here searching for Family History resources, please click the ‘Family Car’¬†button below to be taken to the cashmerebay.co.nz/whanau page.