Welcome to Cashmere Bay

For some of us Cashmere Bay is a significant place in our particular branch of the family tree. For others, its a very picturesque bay at the bottom of Iveagh Bay, Lake Brunner.

The family tree on the following link contains lots of information that some may consider to be personal and valuable. Family Tree Information

To the best of our knowledge, most if not all of the information has been gleaned from publicly available sources or given freely by others. 

Whilst we are sure that every effort would have been made to ensure the veracity of information, we cant absolutely guarantee that it is all 100% accurate, but we are pretty confident that it is!

The TREE has grown significantly and the following families are represented across it include:

Ackroyd, Abbott, Colville, Colbert, Hill, Hutt, Hunt, Gregory-Hunt, Jones, Kemp, Meehan, Perrin, Stoke, Woolhouse, etc etc

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