Cashmere Bay

Cashmere Bay has a real history for our family; for the Kemps (well, from Leslie Robert Kemp and down) for the Hills (from Albert Victor and down) for the Abbotts – moved there from Manakau way back in 1910 (ish) and for some of the Colvilles.

The Colvilles and the Abbotts must have had connections before Grandad Abbott moved down to Te Kinga with his wife and young children back in 1910.

Interestingly enough, his Mum was on the census for 1890-something for the Levin area. Also the Colvilles were from Manakau (not far from Levin) and William and his wife are both buried in the Manakau cemetery.

As an aside….

William Harrison Hill and his wife and a few kids came out from England back in the day from a place called Cachoe (Coxhoe) .

Ive been there. I dont know what it was like back in the late 1800s, but it isnt flash now. I can understand why they left. What I havent been able to establish, is which ship they arrived on.

Any clues anyone?