Hello whanau

Looking for family tree / family history resources? You have come to the right place.

Sorry that I had to move them from where they were, but I needed to make some changes and it seemed like too good an opportunity to put the files where they can remain.

The family history pages contain information about various branches and families. Some may not mean anything to you, but many of them are relevant to the Kemps, Gregory-Hunts, Hills, Abbotts, Fairhall, Hill, Colbert, Hutt, Woolhouse, Lomax, Hunt,Blake, Benbow and Ackryd families.

Of course, there are other families represented here, because the point of a family tree is that it grows as it learns new information. The bigger it grows, the more people will learn about it and make connections.


Enter_Button_Green  <<<<<<< Click the big green “ENTER” button to the left for access to the family tree. The tree can also be found at www.cashmerebay.co.nz/whanau

The tree has been renamed “He Tangata” (Tis people!)


Send me all of your family details, including just where you connect to this assortment and I will eventually get your information in here. Be warned though, that it does take time as I am doing this as a ‘hobby’, so dont expect things to happen at the speed of light – or even the speed of sound (more like the speed of decay)

If you have information that conflicts with what I already have on here, then PLEASE: dont be shy about it. Tell me. Let me know. I have only put stuff on here that I have found out myself, or been given. In many cases (and I have made notes in the files) there are already questions over dates, relationships, offspring, parentage, pairings and nearly any other thing that you can imagine. LET ME KNOW.

Send me an email. All emails about this stuff should be sent to admin@cashmerebay.co.nz