We apologise for any interruption to the use of the Family Tree data but we are doing a re-write over the coming weeks and will present it in a new format- complete with images and media.

If you have any information that you would like added in to the family tree, please send it to me at


Looking ahead we are aiming to do a 2-monthly update rather than trying to keep up with changes every day. (THAT didnt work!)

One of the other issues that we will be tackling is the issue of privacy. (ALL information on this site has been collected from other PUBLIC sources.)

The default setting will be that we will publish your full name and date of birth (because that is already public information)  If you request that it be abbreviated, then we will reduce it to firs name, last name and year of birth.(But only if you request it via email)

We will also be introducing user access (username and passwords)  rather than having completely open access. That should limit the opportunities for unwanted access to personal information. User access levels may also enable limited editing abilities for some


Keep checking in here for updates.

Dont forget to sen me an email with any updated information (births, deaths, marriages, gender reassignments etc etc)