Missing links

The biggest challenge to tracking the family tree has been the missing link of Joseph Alfred Abbott’s beginnings.

From when I was first encouraged to get on the trail, that has been the single most challenging barrier. When I was working in Wellington back in the nineties, I discovered a record of his gravestone in the Bolton Street cemetery and then subsequently his death certificate etc and it was like finding a pot of gold. Since then I have discovered the wedding of his birth parents at least a dozen times; the fathers first name is James, location, Massachusetts, pre-1844,…. but alas, they never end up being the correct one. Usually, their children called Joseph turn up dying 60 years later in America or something similar.

I remember my amazement at finding out the J.A. Abbott had been married twice, both times to a “Mary Anne”. Wow,… talk about confusing.

I am intrigued that every single branch of the family (Grandad Abbotts level and down) have a story/rumour of Indian blood in the family tree.

Oddly enough, cousin Marilyn from Pukekohe has pointed out a couple of ships crew listings that have our Jospeh lfred Abbott as working as a steward on ships out of Christchurch and his nationality is listed as Jamaican and Indian. ????? Intriguing don’t you think.

What do you know about Joseph Alfred Abbott?