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Among all of the seemingly well-ordered and organised bits of information and data that I have accumulated while compiling this collection of "tree" stuff the oddest piece so far has to be the coincidence (or 19th century "networking"?) between two families of passengers on board the 1860s voyage of the Huntress. This coincidence is made even more intriguing as an error on my part is what allowed me to identify it. I (for some reason that I can no longer recall ) was working on the assumpt...
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Hello whanau

Looking for family tree / family history resources? You have come to the right place. Sorry that I had to move them from where they were, but I needed to make some changes and it seemed like too good an opportunity to put the files where they can remain. The family history pages contain information about various branches and families. Some may not mean anything to you, but many of them are relevant to the Kemps, Gregory-Hunts, Hills, Abbotts, Fairhall, Hill, Colbert, Hutt, Woolhouse, Lomax...