Why Cashmere Bay

Cashmere Bay is central to my branch of the family tree as it is there at Tekinga that both my paternal and maternal lines merge.
My father, Leslie Robert Kemp, at one stage worked at Tekinga as did my Grandfather, Albert Victor “Bluey” Hill, my Great Grandfather Joseph Abbott, as well as a few uncles and great uncles,many in the employ of the Tekinga Land and Timber Company.
Not to understate the workload of the maternal line either; my Mother, Pat Kemp, Grandmother, Gladys Hill and Great Grandmother “Granny Abbott,” as well as a few aunts and great aunts all did their fair share of work there too.

Photographs do exist of Les working on the punt in Cashmere Bay with several of those mentioned. There are also a few pictures of old Joe Abbott as well.
I have placed my pictures of old Tekinga and Cashmere Bay on my facebook page and on West Coast Recollects
If you have any photographs of “Old Te Kinga or Cashmere Bay” email us a copy and we will put them in here so that everyone can share them.